Let's deliver impression! A high-level piano competition that will be held in the ancient capital Kanazawa

Piano concert by fascinating overseas faculty members

The 5th Ishikawa International Piano Competition It was decided to host a dream concert by overseas judges. Details will be announced later on this website.

Scheduled to be held on Wednesday, August 28, 2019



Ishikawa Prefecture Piano Association


(Public Good) Ishikawa Prefecture Music Culture Promotion Agency
(One good) Ishikawa Arts and Culture Association


Stanway Japan Co., Ltd. · Yamaha Corporation
Kawai Maku Seisakusho Co., Ltd. · Baidou Musical Instruments Inc.
Shimamura Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. · Euro Piano Co., Ltd. · Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
Little Pianist Co., Ltd.


Ishikawa Prefecture · Kanazawa City · Kanazawa City Board of Education
(Public Goods) Kanazawa Arts Creation Foundation
(Public Good) Japan Piano Education League
(One company) All Japan Piano Leaders Association
(One company) National Instrument Association · Ishikawa Prefecture Instrument Merchant Association
Kitakyushin Shimbun / Rotary Club of Kanazawa Hyakum


Public interest foundation Shibuya academic cultural sports promotion foundation.


Ishikawa International Piano Competition Executive Committee

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